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Soy Candles vs. Paraffin wax

According to Lisa, a blogger on Wiggly Wisdom, “Paraffin wax is an outgrowth that’s left over from the refining of oil. The complex mixture of hydrocarbons product, when burned, wax candles can release harmful and toxic carcinogens including benzene and toluene into the air. Some wax candles may also contain harmful toxic chemicals such as naphthalene and methyl ethyl ketone.

Soy candles, on the other hand, are made with natural products that are a safe alternative to using paraffin…Soy comes from soybeans making them 100% natural.” Soy is an even better option for a healthy and non-toxic home. Its unique properties contain no “harmful pesticides, herbicides, or material that has been genetically modified.” You can learn more about the difference between soy and paraffin wax here:

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