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Let us help
design your perfect wedding!

We understand that planning a wedding  can be stressful. Let us help make your dreams come true for a perfect wedding! 

Here is how we can help:

  • Personalized party favors

  • Custom made center pieces. 


This is a little inspiration for your perfect day! Let us know your thoughts so that we can create the perfect items for your wedding!

Party Favors:

  • We make 4.75oz candle jars that you could give to your guest. Tell them after they light the candle to blow out the flame and make a wish for your future life of being married! This is a great party favor as it is a candle and a lotion for your guest. We can customize the label on our 4.75oz jars to an image of you and your partner with your wedding date. 

  • We make tarts that would also be great party favors for your guests. We can personalize the label for the tarts to your desire.

  • Our 9oz reusable tumbler jars could be a great idea as well! Our 9oz jars offer three features; candle, lotion and a glass tumbler after the candle has fully melted.


Center Piece: 

      We would enjoy helping you create your perfect centerpiece! Candles are often a part of centerpieces at weddings. Let us know your theme and we will help you create the best one with any of our candle sizes and or tarts! 

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