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Candle insight

Our candles & wax melts are hand made products. They are all hand poured in New Hampshire by owner, Christine Lamson and her mother, Alice Mann. Since the candles and wax melts are hand made we cannot guarantee that each candle/wax melt will have the same color shade or scent intensity. The little imperfections can be a reminder that the candles and wax melts were made by humans with the best all natural ingredients! 

  • Soy candles/ melts often show an effect of frosting; Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy. We receive our soy in opaque white flakes- they are melted down and hand poured into each jar/wax melt container. Overtime, frosting is simply the wax returning to its natural opaque state. Frosting does not affect the way the candles or wax melts smell. 

  • Color shades can very by each candle. Example, we have some strawberry kiwi candles that are green and some that are red. (see image below). We try our best to create each candle to have the same colors. They very per batch. Christine try's her best to put the same about of fragrance/ ingrediencies into each batch, she uses measuring cups to try to insure the same quality in each batch. 

Refund Policy 

  • We do not accept returns or complete refunds on candles or wax melts that have frosting or the color dose not match. 

  • We do not accept returns or complete refunds on candles or wax melts regarding scents. This includes the following reasons, scent is not strong enough, scent is too strong, scent intensity does not match my other candle/wax melt. 

We try our best to create the perfect 100% Soy, all natural candles and wax melts. We cannot guarantee they will all be the same. Some batches might have a stronger or weaker scent intensity and some might have different colors. 

If You are interested we offer IN PERSON sales. This way you can choose a candle or wax melt that appeals to you! We have multiple locations in N.H and a few in M.A. Additional option, contact Christine via telephone or email to set a meeting time to meet in Hollis, N.H at the shop. Click the buttons to see our local shops that we are in! 

  • We do accept returns for any candles or wax melts that are damaged during shipping. It is required of you to provide proof. We would need an image of the candle(s) that are broken and an image of the box the product was shipped in. We would offer a refund for only the products damaged or offer to reship replacements out. Whichever you prefer. 

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