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About Our Candles

Our 100% Soy Candles and tarts (wax melts) are hand crafted in Hollis, New Hampshire. Soy wax is 100% natural and renewable. We use cotton wicks, also renewable, to help our candles provide the cleanest burn possible. Our candles and tarts (wax melts) can be used as a lotion! As the candle melts, extinguish the flame, then you can use the melted soy wax/natural oils to help treat dry skin or for a soothing massage. Our wax melts work the same, just place the melts into a wax warmer and dip your fingers into the luke warm oils that appear. Because soy wax melts at a low temperature, around 125 degrees Fahrenheit, the melted lotion will be pleasantly warm.

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Our Story

Wick-It Cool Candles was started in 2008 by Christine Mann (now Lamson) as a family run business. With the help of her parents Alice and Ron, and assistance from her young children David and Felicia, Christine

grew the business through sales at local craft shows and fairs. After her father’s passing in 2018, Christine decided to take a pause in 2019 -2020 and reassess the business. Now, post pandemic, Wick-it Cool Candles is back with a refreshed business model. In an effort to make our product more accessible to a wider customer base, we have significantly reduced our presence at craft shows and fairs and now offer our product through local retailers as well as providing online sales. We have also enhanced our customization program so it is easy to personalize a single gift, a party favor or an event give-away. We remain a family based company with Christine running the business with assistance from her mother Alice, daughter Felicia and niece Amanda.

In Loving Memory of

Ronald Mann

Ronald Mann, Christine’s father, was Wick-It Cool Candles’ number one employee and enthusiastic salesman for over 10 years. Those who attended local craft shows and fairs remember Ron as the sweet flirty old man who loved to demonstrate our Wick-It Cool massage candles with a Wick-It Cool hand massage. Though it has been 4 years since his passing, we still often receive warm comments about Ron from our past customers that knew him. A pillar of the company, as well as the family, we miss him everyday.

Ronald Mann, Wick-It Cool Candles, Deceased, Legand, Previous Head of Production, Previous Sales Associate, Loving Memory Of

Meet the Team

We are currently a women owned, family owned, small business!

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