How to Use Our Candles as a Lotion

We currently carry three different candle sizes and tarts which all have unique properties in them that allow you to use the all natural oils as a lotion.

After you light our candle, a warm pool of oil appears at the top. Simply extinguish the flame and dip your fingers into it. Don't worry, the oils are warm, not hot! If you are having trouble getting your finger's into the jar, you can tilt the candle and pour the oils onto your hand. The oil can be massaged anywhere on your body. The oils will seep into your skin creating a perfect lotion for daily use and to even help with dry skin. Additionally, the oils will even help soften your cuticles. Our tarts essentially work the same way, after a pool of oils forms on your tart burner you can dip your fingers in and massage all over!

People who have sensitive skin should use caution when applying for the first time. We suggest taking a small dab and rubbing it on your skin to see if it irritates you.

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